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5 stars: Excellent

Great Inks,Service,Prices

I have used Colourbest for compatible inks for a few years now. The colour match for my large format Epson printer is amazing, you really can't tell the difference. Also, I have never had a problem with print head blockages, which a lot of people say will happen! Service is quick, prices are the best I have found, (and believe me I always look around), but why go somewhere else when the price is right, the service is right and the colours match?

5 stars: Excellent

Great Inks

Great Inks, Great service, Great value, very good communication. Overall an excellent company that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone need quality products for their printer.

5 stars: Excellent

Very pleased

Very pleased. Bought a full set of inks and refillable cartridges last year. I haven't had to deploy all of them yet, but the ones I have used have been absolutely trouble-free. The printer is used only every few weeks, but has suffered no clogs or print faults in the months since I've been using the Colourbest inks.

5 stars: Excellent

Colourbest, you are the best!

WOW - not enough stars for this company - so there I am praying that a delivery would arrive today to make my orders and Colourbest send me an email to say that they have upgraded my order to be delivered by UPS today to ensure that it arrives on time! Colourbest, you are the best - thank you so very, very much.