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Frequently asked questions:

Will my Warranty become void if I use Colourbest inks?
As with all new printers, the manufacturers offer a standard 12 month warranty or a "limited offer"
extended warranty. This means that they will cover parts and labour if the printer develops a fault
during use, provided you are using their inks and all the cartridges are full of ink in order for the
engineer to carry out the necessary print tests at your expense!

We know that it is important when looking at alternative inks to consider the warranty aspect.
However, when you look at the true cost of branded inks, which are increasing year on year, a typical
set of 350ml ink cartridges will set you back around £1080 and a set of 700ml ink cartridges at around
£1800. This means that the cost of just one set of 700ml original inks would essentially pay for the cost
of a brand new 24" printer!

Our sole aim over the last 10 years has been to offer premium quality pigment inks for your specific printer
that perform as good as the original inks at a fraction of the price of originals.

How long do Colourbest inks stay fresh for?
All our inks have a 12 month expiry date, although stored in a cool dry place, will last up to 3 years.

Are refillable ink cartridges easy to set up and install?
All our refillable ink cartridges are supplied with simple instructions. The cartridges themselves install
in the same way as an original ink cartridge and are recognised by the printer. Most of our cartridges
have resettable chips installed on them. This allows you to reset the cartridge for reuse after filling
with more ink. This is the most cost effective way of saving money when using our inks.

Do you offer credit facilities?
We have teamed up with Klarna who handle our payment transactions and they offer an option to
either Pay with Card / Pay after Delivery or Pay Later during the checkout process, subject to status.

Do you offer a guarantee and technical support on your products?
All our products have been vigorously tested over many years and our customers are testament to
how our products perform. We offer a 12 month guarantee on our products and if they prove to be
faulty, we are happy to replace the product. We also have a wealth of technical knowledge on our
product range.